Using social media as communication strategy

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In addition to other factors, a project’s success is largely determined by the competencies of the members that form the project team.  It is therefore imperative that you identify the right resources at the beginning of the project.

Once you have the right team, with the right skills on board, that will be able to successfully complete the project, and provided that they can work well in a team environment, the question as how to manage the project effectively arises.

A crucial factor to manage project resources and projects is through effective communication.

At a project level, communication plays a vital role and the communication strategies adopted by a project manager are imperative as they can either make or break a project. Social media is starting to play a more important role in communication within project teams. The conventional way of communicating which was basically through the Project Manager is changing to be more versatile in the tools used to communicate.  This enables the Project Manager to focus on other serious matters without neglecting communication with the project team.  In other words, adopting these new ways of communication increases the Project Manager and his team’s efficiency.

Blogs, social networks, and other collaborative tools represent a significant opportunity to create a new social and web-based collaboration.  This new approach encourages collective intelligence and emerging structures that empower agile project management. These tools enable Project Managers to manage diverse teams in today’s global environment and can also take care of routine operations.  They provide the organization or the project team with the right information at the right time through a system of interconnected applications and services.

This of course has a ripple effect.  Consumer insights can be gained through these forums which will help organizations create value and provide competitive advantage.

A surprising number of companies of all sizes are using social media as a communication tool, media is about more than marketing and branding

— it is quickly becoming an essential part of consumer outreach for brands throughout the world.

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