What is PRINCE2®?

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PRINCE2® is a best practice framework that helps managers deliver projects on time and within budget. It divides projects into clearly defined stages with a start, middle and end. It focuses on the delivery of products rather than carrying out activities. Every project must have a business case and plan that is periodically reviewed to check the project is still viable.

PRINCE2® is designed to be used on any type of project in any environment. It contains a complete set of concepts and project management processes that are the minimum requirements for a properly run and managed project. Having said this, the way in which PRINCE2® is applied to each project will vary and tailoring the method to suit the scope, size and type of each project managed under PRINCE2® is vital to its successful use.

PRINCE2® project has the following characteristics:

A finite and defined lifecycle
Defined and measurable business products
A corresponding set of activities to achieve the business products
A defined amount of resources
An organisation structure, with defined responsibilities, to manage the project

How do I become accredited?

If you want to become a registered PRINCE2® practitioner there are two exams to sit, the foundation and practitioner exams.