Project Management Consultancy Services

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Project management is essential for successful project completion. You as a manager will have to appoint subordinates to manage projects for which you will remain ultimately responsible. The right person for the job is therefore of vital importance. However, low budgets, reduced staff levels and the lack of project management skills will make your selection extremely difficult. Remember, responsibilities need to be handed down to the relevant people. Ants can alleviate your problems by providing a full project management service or independent modules thereof, these include:

  • appointment as consultants to assist clients project managers
  • setting up your project management office
  • setting up management monitoring and assessment tools
  • project planning facilities and scheduling

Project Management Service

Ants (accredited Prince2 Training provider) provides a full project management service. The service includes project planning, co-ordination, scheduling, cost control, expediting, facilitating and compilation of status reports.

Setting up your Project Management Office

Ants will assist you to identify your businesses project management needs. We will advise you on the optimum organisational structure and size of your project office and will assist with the training of staff. This will include project planning, project co-ordination and administration.

Services we offer

  • Consultants to assist your Project Manager
  • Setting up your Project Management Office
  • Project Management Service
  • Setting up your Management Tools
  • Project Planning and Scheduling Facilities
  • Processing of “what-if” scenarios

Let us manage your projects!!

In the business world today more and more emphasis is being placed on deliverables, especially when it comes to new projects. However, with reduced staff complements, tighter budgets and higher productivity expectations, it is becoming extremely difficult to not only manage individual projects, but also be fully in control of projects across multi-disciplinary functions. In an attempt to cope, many companies resort to project management software packages. While most of these packages are excellent, their full potential will not be realized unless the users thereof are familiar with project management principles. Ants provides that knowledge in a practical and relevant manner.

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