High demand for Project Managers

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2010 has kicked off and great excitement is building as the World Cup Soccer tournament draws closer. What a project to manage!

The biggest spectator sports event in the world!

The general feeling is that the South African economy has started to recover after reaching the lower turning point of the recession last year. This bodes well for the field of project management as both public and private organisations will become more willing to conduct projects to take advantage of the economic upswing. 

High demand for project managers 

The Mindworx Salary Survey was carried out during 2009 to gain insight into the compensation and employment trends and standards for individuals working as project managers, business analysts, process engineers and business intelligence professionals in South Africa. The results from the survey, which was based on age category, gender and ethnicity, shows project managers in SA to earn consistently higher salaries than their counterparts in the other job types surveyed. Chris Reay, CEO of Engineer Placements, confirms that Project Managers are well remunerated. “It’s a great game to be in and the good ones get good money.” Even at the height of the recession during 2009 when retrenchment throughout most industries was the order of the day, it was still difficult to find the right people to fill project management positions (Sunday Times, 24 January 2010).

In summary, the results from the survey with reference to Project Managers’ earnings are: • PM’s earn the most and have the highest average salary compared to the rest of the job types surveyed. • Earnings increase with age, therefore more experienced PM’s earn better. This points to good long term prospects for PM’s.

A further significant finding is that although the majority of the Project Managers surveyed have tertiary qualifications, 51% of them have been employed for less than 2 years! There are a lot of inexperienced people that are given the quite considerable responsibilities of being Project Managers out in business. In fact, the survey shows that 75% of the PM’s surveyed indicated they needed varying levels of additional training.

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