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Project Management Office (PMO) has been designed to assist the Business and Project Manager that is serious about successful Project implementation. PMO place your company in complete control of projects across multi-disciplinary functions in order to deliver Projects on time and within budget.


What PMO Does...

Project Management Office has three main functions:

  • To set standards for how projects are run and ensure Project Managers follow them.
  • To gather project data and produce reports, dashboards and metrics for management review.
  • To assist and advise Project Managers.

A well supported Project Management Office will ensure:

  • Administrative support to Project Management.
  • Setting up and adherence to Project Governance.
  • Coordination and Project Administration Reporting

Who Is It For?

You may be wondering whether your organization needs a PMO. Here are five questions that will give you an indication as to whether or not your company will benefit from a Project Management Office:

  • Do your projects often require communication and understanding among multiple departments?
  • Is it important for a single methodology to be used across the project so everyone involved knows what others are doing and what's expected from them?
  • Does the Project require a great deal of specialisation with regard to professional skills?
  • Are there multiple processes taking place simultaneously, and others awaiting completion of these processes in order to commence?
  • Is it absolutely crucial that a project be completed within a specified time and budget?

Experience has taught us that the only way to guarantee a successful Project is by ensuring that:

  • Executives understand the importance of their roles and responsibilities in projects.
  • The Project Managers are well equipped and experienced and that they follow an Internationally Accredited Project Management Methodology.
  • The Project Management Office has everyone’s support.



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